The Church

8 thoughts on “The Church”

  1. So sad but absolutely true (and well written I might add). God will revive his bride; he’s beginning to cut away all the pride, the idolatry, the lies that are killing her. Church get ready for the fires of purification, get ready for the bridegroom (:


  2. Dear Calledtowrite,
    You are so gifted & so in tune to Father & His Spirit. I love that you have a blog with your writings and I now saved to my desktop so I can read what Father has poured into you daily.

    Thank you for sharing! Love & miss you!


  3. I stayed away from the church for so long for exactly the reasons you wrote of. But now we are tasked to help usher in a new season – be part of the solution! Thanks for your courage to post. I have a similar blog about a divided church 💕

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