Divine Royalty

3 thoughts on “Divine Royalty”

  1. I really like the analogy, and that means a lot because I wasn’t interested in following the wedding at all. Makes me think of myself as a royal son. Love the humor at the end, nice finishing touch.


  2. My sister,
    The way the Lord uses you in writing always amazes me. These words are all inspiring and blessed me. The Lord has been reminding me that He has given us our temples and that we are to keep them pure and holy as His Spirit resides in us. I am proud of you as I know of the struggle you have had in the past with exercise. We are royalty, like you so beautifully said (I love the tierra purchase), and we are to present ourselves and live each day as His princesses. Our temples must be strong and vital to do the work He has willed for us to do. I love you my bffl..your asian sister


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