Manna From Heaven on June 14, 2022

One thought on “Manna From Heaven on June 14, 2022”

  1. Song of Songs 2:15 TPT
    15You must catch the troubling foxes,
    those sly little foxes
    2:15 These “foxes” are the compromises that are hidden deep in our hearts. These are areas of our lives where we have not yet allowed the victory of Christ to shine. The foxes keep the fruit of his Spirit from growing within us.
    that hinder our relationship.
    For they raid our budding vineyard of love
    to ruin what I’ve planted within you.
    Will you catch them and remove them for me?
    We will do it together.

    I just love how He speaks and is speaking to both of us along the same lines, UNITY! ❤️

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