Make Yourself Ready

Send forth my troops across this land. Make yourself ready to do the work I’ve called you to do. I have set my plans within your heart. These plans were given to you from the very start. Nothing shall hinder my plans or get in the way of when I start or finish. All will … Continue reading Make Yourself Ready

Rest Your Mind in Me

What is stirring your heart today, what clouds your thinking? What holds you back from coming closer to me? What disturbs your mind and keeps you awake at night? Could it be you’re not coming to me and spending the necessary time that is needed to be free of all these thoughts in your mind? … Continue reading Rest Your Mind in Me

Raise Your Glass!

Separation of the sheep from the goats is happening today. My work is being done on earth as it is in Heaven. There will be growing pains here on earth as you step forward in my plans for you. Things will be uncomfortable for a while as I stretch my Church out like a scroll … Continue reading Raise Your Glass!

Let Go Of The Past

Command my people to watch and pray. Tell them to follow all my commands and listen for my voice; to follow my instructions each and every day. Do not waste your time listening to the echoes of the past, but walk with me in newness every day. You are no longer a prisoner of the … Continue reading Let Go Of The Past