Shaking World Systems

Come and hear my words today, come and see my glory. Come and rest in me as you see things unfolding before you. As I have promised you, you will see things unfolding right before your eyes and when you do, sing praises to me. Do not participate in the world’s jeering and shouting of …


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Jump Start

Gather up my troops and let my plans become clear in your head. Listen for my commands and listen for my heart. For there is about to be a move of God that will definitely be a jump start to your hearts and minds. I am about to rock your world and bring an end … Continue reading Jump Start

A Great Revealing

Roll away the stone and let the people rejoice, for my city is about to be released upon the earth. I will unearth what has laid dormant for many, many, years. I will show my people, my world, what the Bride of Christ looks like. I will bring about a great revealing of the Sons … Continue reading A Great Revealing

Keep Your Focus

Occupy what was once lost to you. Let me restore the things that have been stolen from you. Set your anchor down on the solid ground I’m giving you. Rest assured these things I am giving you will restore my Bride and cause her to become more like me. I will restore the things that … Continue reading Keep Your Focus