Let it Go

What is it that you want from me? What is it that you desire? Let me whisper my love to you and let it settle deep within your heart. Let me calm each and every fear you carry around in your heart. There should be nothing that keeps you from living the life I created … Continue reading Let it Go


Spend Time With Me

Blessed are the meek and blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see me clearly as they seek me out each and every day. Come to me with your praises and your thanks each day, for I will promote you and bless you as you approach me each day. Come closer each day … Continue reading Spend Time With Me

A Time of Disruption

It’s happening all around you; my people are waking up. They are opening their eyes to see as they should see. Make no mistake, there are many still asleep, but that will change very quickly when they see what I can do. August, September, October, and November will be a time of disruption. Disruption of … Continue reading A Time of Disruption

Where are you?

Stay with me today and listen to what I have to say. Many will say to me, “Lord! Lord!” But I will say to them, “I never knew you.” You say that you love me, but you have yet to spend the time to get to know me and know my heart for you. I … Continue reading Where are you?

Elevate Your Thinking

Blessed be the children who come unto me and escape the traps of the wicked. The enemy wants nothing more than to lay traps to ensnare them and pull their minds away from me. Gird your children by introducing them to me. Introduce them by your love for me. When you show just how much … Continue reading Elevate Your Thinking